Sunday, April 12, 2015

Project: Q-Learning and A* Search Alogrithm

Project: Java Application to Visualize Q-Learning Method and A* Search Algorithm

Please,  understand the following algorithms in the below-mentioned links.
Q-Learning Method: 

A* Search Algorithm:

Project Files:
Youtube Link: 

In this Project, I tried to visualize the Q-Learning and A* Search Algorithms as Java Application. Please read through the Read Me document mentioned in the above-mentioned location. Please download the Jar File at the above-mentioned location.

I have attached some of the images that correspond to this Project below:

Figure 1: Graphical User Interface to select the input values

Figure 2: Message shows to the user once the Map is generated

Figure 3: Viewing Map1 Structure.

Figure 4: Decision Box to select either Q-Learning or A* Planner

Figure 5:  Input Form for Q-Learning Algorithm

Figure 6: Q-Table and Path Traversal

Figure 7: Initial and Final locations as an input to the A* Search Algorithm

Figure 8: Path Traversal for A* Search Algorithm

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