About Me - Raghu Nandan Avula

My Name is Raghu Nandan Avula. I am currently working as a Web Project Manager @ UCF Office of Research. I have graduated from UCF with a Master's degree in Computer Science. I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in Computer Engineering under the supervision of Dr. Cliff Zou at UCF. My current Research interests include Blockchain, Hyperledger, Identity Access, and Permission Management.

On the work front, I am a Full Stack Developer and have about 10 years of experience in the various technologies including but not confined to Java, ColdFusion, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Angular, MS SQL Server. I am also very much interested in Identity Access Management and have experience in Installation and Configuration Shibboleth SP and also Integrating it with Identity Provider [Shibboleth, AD FS]. Currently, I am very much engaged with the implementation of Permission Management using Blockchain in the Cloud Environment.